Nurse costumes get a bad rap, but there are lots of ways to honor your profession on Halloween with wholesome and fun costumes. Consider dressing the entire family in medical costumes and decorating your house to fit in with the theme.

Zombie Doctor or Nurse

You’ve already got the scrubs, so all you need is a little bit of makeup to scare the neighborhood kids. Dye parts of the fabric red, shred some other sections and decorate a face mask with a scary smile, and there you have it – zombie doctor or nurse.

Syringe Costume

This costume takes a bit of work but it will be worth it when you see your friends’ faces. Buy a hoop and some sheer white fabric. Draw the measurement lines on either side of the fabric and drape over the hoop. Don’t forget to add a hole for your head! Attach a long thin metal rod to a shower cap to look like the syringe needle. If you’re not the creative type, you can always buy a syringe costume online from a website like Ali Express.

Old-fashioned Nurse

Remember how nurses used to dress? A long black dress, white apron, black stocking and a nurse’s cap make an easy and classic costume. Add a red cross and a wool nurse’s cape to complete the outfit. You can also add accessories like a first aid kit or a clipboard (did they use those way back when?) to leave no doubt that you’re meant to be an old-fashioned nurse.

X-Ray Machine

There might be a few skeletons at your Halloween party, but if you dress as an X-Ray machine you’re likely to be the only one. You’ll need a black box (or cover a regular cardboard box with black paper) with holes cut out for head, arms and legs. Paste a picture of the skeleton of the upper body on the front of the box and wear all black clothing. If you want to make it more fun, add some foreign objects into the picture. Think of all the crazy things patients have been known to swallow!

We love these costume ideas because they show everyone around you that you’re proud to be a medical professional. Happy Halloween from all of us at Towne Nursing!