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About Us

Towne Nursing Staff Inc. was founded in 1991, with the mission of providing high quality care for nursing home and long-term care facility residents. This goal has remained at the forefront of our operations, and has guided our expansion to numerous locations across the United States.

We are a leading provider of certified healthcare professionals for long-term care facilities, offering our staff an all-inclusive benefits package and an unparalleled supportive experience.

Whether it’s initial preparation for the NCLEX/IELTS, handling documentation for POEA, applying for a Visa, or making travel arrangements, our team is here to walk you through each step of your journey to the States. We’re committed to smoothing the transition process, and eagerly help our staff acclimate to their new environment. At Towne Nursing, no nurse gets left behind.

Why Choose Towne Nursing?
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Healthcare workers deployed, and still counting
We’ve helped many families like yours realize their American Dream
Years of successful results
Towne Nursing has been outsourcing Filipino healthcare professionals since 2010
Approval rating for immigrant and non-immigrant applicants
Our full-service immigrant law firm in the US ensures a smooth transition process for all
Application approval process
You can be employed in the States in a matter of weeks
IELTS Exam Passing Rate
Proudly affiliated with the new and enhanced GH Premier, Our 2 month educational program ensures you have the tools to succeed abroad
in sponsorships covered
We are passionate about your career advancement and do what it takes to make it happen


  • Free EB3 Immigrant Visa
  • Full-Time Employment

  • Competitive Salaries with Overtime Pay

  • Flexible Work Hours

  • Paid Time Off

  • Valuable opportunity for professional growth and development

  • Support and assistance during the transition to living and working in the United States

  •  Opportunity to live in the United States with family

  • Employment options in various attractive locations across the US


Submission of CV

Recruiter’s Orientation

Signed Contract

IELTS Review (For those who don’t have IELTS Result)


Visa Screening

Visa Application


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