At Towne Nursing, your needs and wants are our top priority. We match our nurses with a position that suits their availability and travel time. After you come in for your interview with your required documents, you will receive a call with an offer for placement.

NO. You are not committed to work with Towne after your interview, however once you accept a position with us, you are committed to your schedule and shifts which are set up according to your availability.

That depends on the facility. Some facilities give us over 2 weeks notice, while some can give us next-day notice. If you aren’t available for one orientation, there’s always another coming up!

Weekly. Either your check goes out on Friday, or we have an option for direct deposit which is done on Thursday and will go into your account on Friday or Saturday.

Over 40 hours a week and certain legal holidays.

Call your scheduling coordinator at least 24 hours in advance.

Depending on the facility, your scheduling coordinator will give you your schedule either weekly or monthly. The coordinator will likely call you to let you know of any open shifts that come up, to see if you’re available.


Don’t see the answer to your question here? Call us at 718.998.4660 any time or shoot us an email.