Having a few friends over for Halloween or just want to impress the kids who come trick or treating? Decorate your house with some spooky things which celebrate the hard work CNAs put in all year long.

Dress Your Pumpkins

Carve your pumpkin heads with great big smiles and place them on top of stuffed scrubs shirts. You can make some of them into doctors with stethoscopes, and give others syringes, pens or test tubes to complete the look.

Serve Cafeteria Food

Get some of those trays that are used in fast food places and nursing facilities and place your jello shots on them. Or put a plastic plate with sections onto each tray and fill with a protein, vegetable and starch.

Pills Galore!

Ask your friends to save empty pill bottles and use them as candle holders. Get red candles that look like dripping blood as they melt and spread around the house for an especially eerie look.

Candy That’s Downright Creepy

Before Halloween, candy stores stock up on all kinds of wacky edibles. Look for candies in the shape of band-aids, blood samples and dentures. Put them out in black bowls along with plastic spiders and orange and black jelly beans.

Don’t Forget Your Costume

Dressing up as a CNA won’t be hard, since you already have the scrubs and the accessories. Add some scary makeup and a really long syringe and you’re primed to freak out all the neighborhood kids – and some of the adults!

Enjoy your party and let us know how it went. Happy Halloween from Towne Nursing!