In some professions, there are times of year when it’s really hard to get a job. There are companies who don’t hire in the summer or around the holidays, or severely reduce their hiring during these times. Towne Nursing, on the other hand, hires staff all year round. In fact, we often hire more staff around the holidays then we do the rest of the year.

Holiday Shifts

CNAs are always in high demand and the holidays don’t change that. And, since some CNAs work fewer shifts during the holiday season, new staff is needed to step in and close the gap. Picking up holidays shifts is a great way to get your foot into the door at a new facility. Once they get to know you and your dedicated work, you can pick up more shifts and become a regular on the roster.

Hiring New CNA Graduates

If you’re a new CNA graduate waiting till after the holidays to look for work, we recommend that you apply now. We specialize in placing CNAs without experience and we’re working as usual throughout the holiday season to ensure that the residents of the nursing facilities are as cared for and loved as they generally are.

How to Apply

If you have experience but are currently out of work, we are happy to set up an interview and help you get back in the game. Our application process is simple and we do our best to place CNAs in positions which are convenient for them. We work around our employees’ school schedules and family obligations to provide a schedule that works with their lives. We may even have some time and a half shifts to offer.

Here’s how to apply: Click here and fill out our brief application form. We will get back to you quickly and you may even be working by the time the holidays roll around!