Last year, we asked you how YOU were celebrating National Nurses Day, so this year we decided to tell you how WE are celebrating. You can probably guess that we are celebrating by appreciating all our nurses and nursing assistants who are on the ground making a difference in their patients’ lives.

In the coming days we’re going to announce an exciting contest to inject some fun and entertainment into National Nurses Day. But before we get to that, let’s be serious for a minute (or two). Appreciation days are usually established to highlight important work which sometimes get overlooked. Anyone in the nursing field knows that this happens often – doctors are seen as the lifesaving professionals and nurses and their assistants go unnoticed.

But when you spend time in a nursing facility, you come to realize that the patients themselves and their families are not oblivious to the importance of nurses and CNAs. In fact, since the residents’ daily needs are met by the nurses, they often prize them more than the physicians. They certainly get to know them better.

We often hear from residents and their families how much they appreciate everything that our nurses’ aides do for them. We hear comments such as, “My mother wouldn’t eat when she first arrived at the facility and a Towne CNA has helped her get her appetite back.” We’ve also heard, “One of my biggest worries about moving out of my home was that I would lose my dignity, and I’m so happy that hasn’t happened.” One of our favorite feedback comments was, “How do you find the most compassionate nurses’ aides?”

There’s no greater satisfaction than a job well done, and you are all out there doing your job well on a daily basis. That’s why we celebrate you today (and every day, but especially today).

Stay tuned for the chance to win a really fun prize in honor of National Nurses Day! We’ll be announcing the contest on Facebook so follow us there to get our updates.