Once you’ve decided that you want to become a certified nursing assistant, the next step is to choose the right CNA program for you. Because there are many choices, this might seem like a daunting task, but it’s not really that difficult.


The first step is to check which programs are close to your home and choose a convenient location. You can also look into online programs, but be aware that you will still have to do hands-on training in a facility, so check that the program you choose has training nearby.


Next, look at the schedule of the program. If you’re working, you may want to choose a program that takes longer but allows you to keep your day job. If not, a more intensive program which gets you into the workforce sooner is a better choice.

Job Placement Assistance

Some CNA programs offer job placement assistance. It can sometimes be hard to get your first job, so this can be a major advantage. Keep in mind that Towne Nursing welcomes new grads and hires CNAs even if they have no experience, so you may not need job placement after all.

Federal Requirements

Another thing to consider is whether the CNA program meets Federal requirements for training. This is important if you ever want to move out of state and continue to work as a CNA. Programs run by the Red Cross, for example, meet the Federal requirements and allow you to transfer your certification to another state.


Cost is an important consideration as well. If you qualify, you may be able to study at a government-funded program. If not, compare prices online and find a program which is reasonably-priced. Also look into scholarships and payment plans to make it easier to afford.

Wherever you choose to study, we wish you an exciting and fruitful training period! When you’re finished studying, we’re happy to consider your application to join our team of CNAs. Click here to apply and let us know you’re ready to work.