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    Employee Satisfaction

    Warm and friendly working atmosphere

    Live support 24/7

    Orientation and in-services, allowing you to adjust to your new working environment with ease

    Flexibility and Convenience

    Full-time placement, part-time scheduling, and per diem work

    Facilities close to your home

    Simple online application

    Salary and Career Advancement

    Competitive salaries

    Same week payment

    Opportunities to become permanent staff at participating facilities

    Experience for new grads

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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    Reach out to our support team by sending us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

    What does the hiring process at Towne look like?
    At Towne Nursing, your needs and wants are our top priority.

    We match our nurses with a position that suits their availability and travel time.

    After you apply you’ll be contacted by a recruiter specific to your area, that will work with you to collect your medical documents to get you ready for placement.
    Will I be scheduled for an orientation before being put on the floor?

    All our facilities host a classroom orientation, you’ll learn the processes and procedures at that particular facility (all orientations are paid!).

    Afterwards you’ll be scheduled for buddy shifts (the amount depends on the facility’s preferences).
    How often do I get paid?

    Sign up with direct deposit to get your check in your account every Friday!

    (Some exclusions apply, please be in contact with your payroll rep for any questions)
    Who do I call if I need to cancel a shift and how much notice do I have to give?
    Call Us 24/7 !!!

    Talk your scheduling coordinator.

    We require at least 24 hours notice of any cancellations.
    How often do I get a schedule?
    Most of our facilities schedule on a 4 week, or monthly basis.

    Your staffing coordinator is here to collect your availability, and let you know of any additional open shifts that come up to see if you’re available.

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