National Nurses Week is almost upon us (May 6-12) and we at Towne Nursing are very excited about it. We work hard all year long to provide the best nurses and nursing assistants to nursing facilities and other institutions. Our goal is to care for our nurses, so they have the energy and the desire to care for others.

National Nurses Week may be just another day on the calendar for some people, but for us it’s a golden opportunity to recognize the important work done by nurses in hospitals, nursing homes, private homes and medical offices.

Nurses are at the forefront in medical care. They are often the ones who notice small changes in behavior or demeanor, which turn out to be important indicators of a patient’s health. They’re the ones who explain what the doctors meant, listen with compassion to complaints of aches and pains and preserve the dignity of the patient even under difficult circumstances.

Nurses who work in nursing homes have a special place in our hearts. They care for patients who are not able to care for themselves, monitoring their overall health and ensuring they are properly cared for. They work long hours doing physical work and they still make every patient feel special and loved.

We don’t say thank you to our nurses every day, and maybe we should – but we definitely want to say thanks today. Thank you for your efficiency, cheerful spirit, unflagging dedication, attention to detail, boundless energy and – most of all – your love and compassion.

Happy National Nurses Week!