We love to find out from all of you, our employees, how you are enjoying your jobs. A special part of the job is hearing positive feedback from patients. Patients are not always able to express their appreciation, but when they do, it can totally make your day!

We asked you to tell us the nicest thing a patient ever said to you, and we’re sharing some of the answers here.

Enaude Bernard loves when patients talk about her smile. They say things like, “I love your smile!” and “You’re always smiling.” Enuade says she smiles because it lifts her mood and helps her do her job better.

Beverly Allen says that she is inspired every time a patient says, “Thank you, God bless you.” She adds, “There’s nothing nicer than hearing those words from someone you’re caring for.”

Gabriel Eugene was amused by a patient telling him that he is handsome and reminds her of her husband when he was playing football in high school. This particular patient is 100 years old!

Bernadette Abrams also gets compliments on her looks, with patients telling her she is pretty. And Jean Edzer Thomas says he is thrilled every time a patient says “Thank you” but he tells them that thanks are unnecessary.

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