I just read an article about how Japan’s elderly population is growing but its younger population is not, so in a few years there will not be enough young people to care for all the senior citizens. The article put forth the idea of robot caregivers taking over for human nurses.

It seems the author of this article has been reading a lot of science fiction. There is no alternative to the human touch necessary in caregiving, the compassion that makes indignities bearable and the cheerfulness that spreads from nurse to patient.

But if you want to imagine a world in which anything is possible, there is nothing as satisfying as diving into a good book. Read Across America Day, celebrated March 2, reminds us that despite all the technology we have today (yes, that includes Facebook…) books are the best entertainment around.

Best Science Fiction Books has a great list of fantastical books. If you like the classics, check out The Guardian’s 100 greatest novels of all times. If you’re into contemporary fiction, you’ll like this list from LibraryThing.
What are you reading? Are there robotic nurses in it? Let us know in the comments below.