Meet Orientation

We make it our mission to find you a job you’ll love!

Meet Orientation

We make it our mission to find you a job you’ll love!

Shana Gelernter

718-998-4660 ext.4484 [email protected]

I love my job as Orientations Department Supervisor, since I get to help new employees find the best job for their schedules, lifestyle and location. I’m there for new recruits from interview through placement and beyond.

Jessenia Bermudez

718-998-4660 ext.4448 [email protected]

Working at Towne is a job I put my heart and soul into – it’s my mission to make sure every CNA and LPN I place at a facility is happy and satisfied with their job.

Victoria Summers

718-998-4660 ext.4422 [email protected]

My goal as the Brooklyn, Long Island, and Queens coordinator is to place each applicant in the nursing home that best suits them! To me, the most important thing is to have employees that are happy and love where they work!

Meet Scheduling

We make it our mission to set you up with a schedule that works for you!

Meet Scheduling

We make it our mission to set you up with a schedule that works for you!

Topaz Cruz

718-998-4660 ext.4404 [email protected]

My goal as Scheduling Coordinator is to make sure that our nursing facilities are completely covered, while creating schedules for each employee which take into account their convenience.

Crystal Guzman

718-998-4660 ext.4426 [email protected]

My mission as a Placement Coordinator is to connect the Tri-state area’s best professionals to opportunities that make them more productive and successful.

Jenice Stokes

718-998-4660 ext.4421 [email protected]

My role as a Scheduling Coordinator at Towne goes beyond maintaining schedules; it centers around providing a unique and efficient service for both our employees and clients.

Nastassja Zaldivar

718-998-4660 ext.4405 [email protected]

My mission at Towne Nursing is to provide amazing customer service and build healthy relationships with the CNAs, LPNs, and nursing facilities.

Iman Demelva

718-998-4660 ext.4401 [email protected]

As a scheduling coordinator at Towne Nursing, my mission is to always deliver quality customer service to everyone I communicate with as well as always treat everyone with the same respect.

Vicki Foye

718-998-4660 ext.4400 [email protected]

My mission is to ensure that everyone who walks through our doors has the best employment experience ever!

Jessica Kluyov

718-998-4660 ext.4402 [email protected]

As Director of Operations at Towne, I make it my mission to ensure that the entire operation runs smoothly, for the benefit of our employees and clients. I aim to ensure that they are happy with our customer service and with our services.

David Greisman



I believe strongly in providing the greatest standard of service for clients and employees alike. Our work here at Towne Nursing strengthens the healthcare community and fortifies family values and true compassion.
I strive to lead by example, demonstrating to the entire team that Towne isn’t just a business; it fills an essential need, caring for the elderly and bringing joy to their days, even when their health is failing.