National Nurses Day became an official holiday in 1982 when President Ronald Reagan signed a proclamation to that effect. It is celebrated every year on May 6 and kicks off a full week of celebrating nurses and nurses’ aides who work tirelessly to care for their patients. This year, the American Nurses Association has chosen the theme “Ethical Practice. Quality Care.”

You can celebrate National Nurses Day by showing pride in your profession. Wear a pin that proclaims you are an RN, LPN or CNA. Tell your patients why you are proud to be part of the nursing profession. Remind them you are glad to make a difference in their lives and ask them to share what impact you have had on them. You may be surprised by how much your work matters!

Since National Nurses Week lasts all the way till May 12, there’s plenty of time to pamper yourself a bit. Get a massage or spa treatment, spend a relaxing day at the beach or take your family for a fun outing. Give yourself a chance to put your feet up a bit and rest – you deserve it!

Inject a little bit of humor into your day. Check out this Pinterest board of fun and inspiring quotes that will make you proud to be a CNA. Browse the cute cartoons on and read some of the funniest things said by actual patients. There’s nothing like laughter to brighten up your day!

During National Nurses Week, Towne Nursing would like to extend a special thanks to you, our nurses and nurses’ aides, as you continue to provide the highest level of quality care to your patients. You deserve special recognition for your efforts in delivering compassionate care while encompassing the principles of ethical practice in your profession. Thank you!