The December holidays tend to steal all the attention. Family members come to visit and staff at nursing facilities works hard to bring holiday cheer to the residents, especially those who don’t have visitors. Easter, on the other hand, often gets ignored. This year, you can do something about it – by bringing Easter cheer to patients and nursing staff alike.

Bunny Scrubs

If your facility is open-minded about designs on scrubs, you can enter the holiday spirit with cute bunny scrubs. They are sure to be a conversation starter, and you’ll get lots of compliments too! Check out these original designs from Tafford.

Visits from Schoolchildren

Patients in nursing facilities always brighten up when there are visits from schoolchildren. Connect up with teachers and have them bring their class to your facility. The kids can sing songs for the elderly patients, put on a short play or just give out personalized Easter cards. The teachers can use the opportunity to teach about the gift of giving, while residents enjoy the pitter-patter of little feet.

Decorate with Easter Eggs

Even a few simple decorations can make a huge difference to everyone’s mood. Decorate with Easter eggs in a basket on the nurses’ stations or give out plastic eggs to patients which they can keep close by. Use pastel colored streamers and flowers (synthetic can be just as cheerful and won’t cause allergic reactions) to complete the look.

Easter Cheer Lasts All Year

Depression is the enemy of good health, but a positive attitude can increase lifespan, prevent infection, lower cholesterol and slow down the aging process. That’s as good a reason as any to bring some holiday cheer to your facility.