Before starting a professional training course it’s important to investigate the job opportunities that will be available after you graduate. There’s no point in taking a course if there are no jobs in the field! Are you thinking of training to be a CNA? Then you want to know the answer to the all-important question: How easy is it to find CNA jobs?

In most areas of the United States there is a fairly high demand for CNAs so it is fairly easy to find a job. Since a lot of CNAs move on from their jobs as they get certification as LPNs or RNs, there are always vacancies waiting to be filled. A good way to gauge how much demand there is in your area is to check newspaper listings and see how many CNA jobs are listed. In the New York and New Jersey areas, for instance, there are always positions available for CNAs.

There’s an old saying in the job market that “You can’t get the job without the experience but you can’t get the experience without the job.” This can sometimes be true in the CNA field, where some institutions only hire experienced CNAs. On the other hand, there are some agencies (including Towne Nursing) which specialize in placing inexperienced grads in their first jobs.

You can improve your chances of getting a CNA job by acting professional when you apply. Don’t call human resources or agencies with the TV blaring or your kids screaming in the background. Put together a neat resume with correct spelling and grammar. Dress nicely for the interview and highlight your good qualities, such as hard worker, dedicated, easy to get along with and cheerful.

If you work hard and are pleasant to patients and medical professionals you should not have trouble finding employment in the CNA job market. Get your first job with an agency that places inexperienced CNAs and get a feel for the profession before starting to envision your dream job.